Sensory board


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Educational and interactive toy, the busy board is great for developing sensory and motor skills.

The panel includes several types of activities that allow your little one to learn while playing. It will captivate him, challenging him to discover how each element works and at the same time test and develop his skill.
Ideal for little ones aged 1-3 years.
The toys are handmade, with a lot of care and love, in an attractive design. The edges are sanded and finished using wood-specific procedures, providing safety during play. The components are carefully chosen and tested, being adapted to the little one's hands.
The elements are attached to the board and are modified to avoid the risk of injury during the game.
Hand-painted with water-based paints, non-toxic to your little one, SenSO interactive boards offer complete safety during play. The attractive colors, warm and pleasant, will be a delight for the little one's eyes, giving him a feeling of calm.
Recommended age: 1 year +, under adult supervision.


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