Return policy

Customers (individuals) have the right to give up one or more products, without penalties and without invoking a reason, within 14 calendar days of receiving it, bearing the costs of return. The return policy applies, according to the legislation in force, only to individual customers.

To make a return on the website, the buyer must send the written request to, mentioning the order number.

Custom products cannot be returned. These products have been made especially for you. By custom products we mean any product that has been customized according to the buyer's preferences (size: length, width, height; surface material - by specifying a material code or any other change from the standard model presented on the product page on the site- ul, in accordance with Article 16, point c, of Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014.

he installation of the product - as in the case of furniture - leads to the loss of the right of return, the seller considering that the product is no longer in the condition of a new product.

Most products sold by Kindertain are delivered only disassembled, sealed in the original packaging of the manufacturer. Their return will be made in the same form in which they were delivered, disassembled, and (if possible) in the original packaging of the manufacturer. It must be borne in mind that the products will suffer a certain degree of wear and tear after assembly or disassembly, so they can no longer be resold as new products. The loss suffered due to the devaluation of the product due to the assembly-disassembly process will be borne exclusively by the customer, in case of a return.

he products will be returned in the condition in which they were received, in the original box, with all the related accessories, consumables and gift products, together with a copy of the invoice and the original warranty certificate. If the returned products show signs of wear, scratches, bumps, mechanical or, as the case may be, electrical shocks, missing accessories, missing warranty certificates, the seller reserves the right to decide to accept the return.

The seller reserves the right, according to the laws in force, to deduct from the value of the products amounts necessary to bring the products to their original condition, if they have been damaged.